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The RegTech that empowers you to comply with the increasing regulatory challenge. 

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Customer driven

We believe that to make a successful product, you need to be the starting point. SPARQ is doing this by creating the product from inside your company. By co-creating the product with you, the software fully fits your organization. 


SPARQ is empowering your company from beginning to end; from scouting relevant regulations to implementing these within the organization. Only in this way you are able to fully control your policy creation and implementation process. 


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SPARQ's embedded artificial intelligence helps you in recognising relevant requirements and limits the duplication of definitions within your organisation.  SPARQ even becomes brighter through longterm use because of its machine learning engine.

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All input in SPARQ is saved and retrievable. Allowing you to trace what has been done and by who, at any moment in time. Next to this SPARQ is your guide throughout the process, providing you with an overview of upcoming activities. 

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SPARQ empowers you to be the expert in your domain. Whenever you need it, SPARQ supports you.  In this way, you can manage your workload more efficiently and stay in control of the regulatory pressure.  

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Delta Management

With SPARQ's delta management functionality,  you know exactly what changes are made compared to previous versions of a regulation and what new parts you still need to be analysed. 

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Smart Suggestions

With help of smart suggestions, the chance of duplicates is lowered significantly. SPARQ does this by comparing your input with all registered input in the system. 

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Audit Trail

SPARQ's audit trail functionality allows you to trace back what has been done, by who and why. At any point in time.


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Horizon scanning

With horizon scanning, SPARQ provides you with all regulatory updates relevant for you. These updates can then be processed accordingly in the system. 


Collaborative Working 

Through collaborative working, SPARQ allows for clear project governance and communication in a singular environment. 


By use of SPARQ's reporting tool, you can exactly see how you have implemented relevant regulations. 


SPARQ empowers you to comply with the increasing regulatory pressure by increased...


Compliancy control

Adequate response

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Niek Delis |

Initiative Lead

Luuk Verhoeven |

Customer Lead

Tess Poot |

Experiment Lead