End-to-end compliance management
Single point of truth

All publications in one place

The SparQ Library contains all regulatory publications you need and makes searching them a breeze.
With new sources being added regularly, the Library is an ever growing source of laws and other documents that your organisation needs to know about.
SparQ’s notifications are easy to set-up and ensure the right people are aware of new regulations or news as soon as it is available.

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Library mockupRegulation in Library for Horizon scanning
Smart highlight and smart suggestion
Smart analysis

Analyse large volumes of text effectively

Thousands of regulatory documents are published every week
SparQ supports teams in their regulatory analysis with Smart Suggestions - an artificial intelligence powered functionality that recommends relevant pieces of text - enabling legal and compliance officers to scan through large amounts of publications much more efficiently.

Custom processes

Assess the impact of changing regulations

Fully configurable processes

Connections between regulation, interpretation and impact are fully customised to the needs of your organisation. This enables consistent deployment of processes throughout the entire organisation, department or location.

Get relevant notifications

Interpretation and impact can always be tracked back to the underlying regulatory publications, ensuring that team members get notified when updates to regulatory documents have an impact on their topics of responsibility.

ObligationsRisksAdd new step to your process
Define your own step in your custom process
Team up to create policies
Everybody on the same page

Team up to create policies

Create consistent documents using templates
With templates and collaborative working structures, SparQ offers a range of solutions to ensure working standards throughout your organisation. The document builder gives compliance teams the flexibility that is required to create  guidelines, policies, procedures or any other type of internal document.

Policy management

Full control over your documents

Publish new and updated policies in your own repository
Employees can easily access the latest versions of policies, procedures, or guidelines and receive notifications when internal documents are released or updated. From this central source, teams can create and publish updates or start writing derivative documents like a local version of a global policy. SparQ makes it transparent which internal polices and when.

Version management
Implement internal policies
It doesn't stop at writing

Implement internal policy

Implement policies on a local or global scale and collect evidence of compliance in the process
Define the activities that are required for departments or locations to implement the changes, and create checklist to collect evidence of compliance. When a regulator knocks on your door, the full audit trail is instantly available, erasing the need to search through years of communications and documents.

Stay ahead of regulatory change

Discover the benefits of cutting
edge compliance tooling

Teams working in SparQ have a full range of tools to collaborate effectively, and can invite experts from all fields to work in their projects. Whether legal colleagues are needed to oversee the analysis of new regulations or senior managers to approve a draft, SparQ offers collaboration across geographies, business lines and lines of defense. Commenting, track changes, mentions, team chat, and task lists are just a few of the helpful tools at your disposal.

SparQ's audit trail functionality provides insight and transparency into who decided what, when and why at any point in time. It automatically collects all actions, decisions, comments, reviews and other supporting evidence before, during and after the implementation of regulations.

Built to be highly configurable and with a focus on ease of use, SparQ is easily tailored to your organisation's needs. Our team of experts is always there to support customisation of the platform to the different requirements and processes, and is ready to support you in an ever evolving landscape of regulatory challenges.

Did you know?

SparQ has been created by top notch engineers and professionals from the Regtech industy. Because of that, SparQ has:

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